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Today’s amalgam replacement

Removing the harmful metal mercury fillings and replacing them was quick and painless!  The new fillings prevent stress fractures, are beautiful, prevent cracks, and aid in overall health. Thank you. BEFORE: AFTER:

Dental insurance

We accept dental insurance and file claims for patients. We now can prove to insurance the need for treatment based on pictures we take with a high resolution intramural camera. We send these pictures to the patients insurance company as “proof” to get maximum reimbursement for our patients.  These pictures can also be sent to […]

How long do dental implants last?

The answer is almost indefinitely. Implants placed at our office are strategically positioned for optimal function and cosmetics. Also, the strength of properly placed dental implants make them even stronger than natural teeth and they will never decay. 

Dental enamel erosion restored

The above patient experienced severe enamel erosion from environmental factors, fluorosis, discoloration, and breakdown from decay. The above photo is before and after treating the front four teeth.  The only concern at this time is “doctor when can we do the other teeth”.  The restorations are strong yet cosmetic and natural, therefore the patient was […]

Sleep dentistry

The best dentistry can be done while you enjoy your best sleep! We understand that tension and anxiety can ruin a visit to the dentist therefore we actually encourage sedation to achieve the best quality of dental restorations.  At Thorne Family Dentistry we provide sedation and do the monitoring for you. The warm blankets, dim […]

Managing dental anxiety

Recently, Thorne Family Dentistry has joined theDental Anxiety Network. www.dentalanxiety.netThis is a group that sends newsletter on the topic of dental fear and the latest advancements on how to overcome this fear. Dentistry has improved so quickly regarding technology that the length of time in the dental chair is much shorter, quieter, and less invasive.As we […]

Amalgam “metal fillings”

The picture here shows a patient with an existing metal filling that has caused the entire lingual (tongue side) of the tooth to break away. The patient actually didn’t even know it! I just wanted to share this picture to show the devastating effects metal amalgam fillings can have on teeth. Of course, we can […]

Stop Dental Anxiety !

Currently there are many ways we can prevent any anxiety in the dental office setting.  Listing ways we achieve this: 1. A good plan of action that leads to no surprises and is agreed upon by the patient and doctor on what we want to accomplish. 2. Sequence steps to meet the patients needs financially […]

It’s a honor to be recognized!

We have been recognized in a dental magazine and are honored. We are truly thankful and wanted to share with you the magazine picture! Thanks for looking.