Oral Germ Gel

Recently, many doctors offices, public places, pediatric urgent care facilities, etc… have a product that my kids call: GERM GEL. This is the Alcohol based hand sanitizer that has become very popular. Did you know that in dentistry we have our own Germ Gel? It’s actually been around since the late 1950s !
The product is also alcohol based and is an excellent bacteriocidal solution and it’s antibacterial properties can actually penetrate in the hard to reach areas that normal brushing and flossing can’t reach.
It’s called LISTERINE ! some interesting facts and history can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk%3AListerine
The benefits of listerine in the oral cavity are endless. Including treatment for halitosis, decay prevention, periodontal health and “pocketing”, stimulation of the salivary glands for improved taste, and many more.
I highly reccomend mouth rinses such as listerine to my patients and commonly see patients that could have significant improvements in their oral health just by using these rinses after brushing and flossing.
Advancements in oral rinses make the product selection seem difficult and expensive but let me simplify: generic listerine is just as effective as any of the other rinses no matter what! I would recommend choosing your favorite flavor and try the Listerine Zero to prevent the burn and watering eyes.
There are few contraindications to using listerine including dry mouth (xerostomia). If you have any questions call, email, post anytime. Dr. Charles Thorne

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