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Severe enamel fluorosis

A preoperative view and postoperative view of ceramic crowns on a patient that had severe fluorosis. Thank you for comments, concerns, and questions regarding this case

June 18th restorative work

This particular patient was unhappy with her smile due to the missing Invisalign point angle on the upper left incisor and the space between her teeth. She stated that everyone says “you have something between your teeth”. I completed her treatment with some recontouring, diastema closure, and rebuilding the distal Incisal point angle, along with […]

PFM crown after removal of amalgam

The obvious amalgam filling that is failing with micro leakage and recurrent decay was removed and restored with a composite build-up and strengthened with a porcelain crown fused to a high noble metal base. Thanks for looking!

Before and after porcelain onlay

This particular patient had an existing amalgam filling with a fracture from the central groove to the distal ridge. We advised for strength and long term cosmetics a porcelain onlay was the best choice. Patient agreed so here is a before, and an after of the temporary onlay. The temporary was too light in color […]

Replace old filling with new.

Pre and Post of a composite filling to replace an older amalgam filling:   This is not the best picture angle but gives the idea of what our office can do, thanks for looking.

Diastemma Closure

We have always closed spaces (diastemas) for patients that have no interest in getting braces or undergoing surgery. Our office has several cases that have been completed by using a resin bonded composite with a Bioclear matrix band. This particular case was completed recently on a female college student who was told that to close her space she would […]

Oral Germ Gel

Recently, many doctors offices, public places, pediatric urgent care facilities, etc… have a product that my kids call: GERM GEL. This is the Alcohol based hand sanitizer that has become very popular. Did you know that in dentistry we have our own Germ Gel? It’s actually been around since the late 1950s ! The product is […]

Porcelain repair

There are times a patient may fracture an existing porcelain bridge, crown, or restoration that is either made of porcelain fused to a metal substructure or entirely porcelain. If the integrity of the restoration is intact and the marginal adaptation is uneffected, the repair of the restoration is quite possible and can save the patient […]

Composite Polymerization shrinkage

The use of composite resin material to restore cavities is known to exhibit a process called “polymerizationshrinkage”. This process simply causes the resin to “leak” and then cause sensitivity and possible recurrent decay. The newest composites are leading the industry in the reduction of polymerization shrinkage. A current research project, I completed, was on this […]