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Root surface decay

The amount of gingival recession seen at our office continues to increase. Gingival recession typically exposes the root surface of teeth which is very susceptible to decay. Please note: there are many ways to prevent decay on the roots of teeth. Also, educating patients on the right brushing technique will prevent this recession from worsening. In […]

Pre-cancer treatment

Today I would like to provide a supplement of information to those that are pre-treatment cancer patients. The dental implications prior to chemotherapy or radiation are extremely important and need to be understood prior to treatment. The team of doctors including the dentist, oncologist, primary care physician, radiologist, and caregivers need work together as a […]

Welcome to our blog! We are pleased to provide you with more information about our dental practice here in North Richland Hills.  We are consistently changing and evolving based on new research and technologies. Recently there have been several new treatment approaches based on Glidewell Dental Laboratory techniques and we are open to sharing our clinical […]