Porcelain repair

There are times a patient may fracture an existing porcelain bridge, crown, or restoration that is either made of porcelain fused to a metal substructure or entirely porcelain. If the integrity of the restoration is intact and the marginal adaptation is uneffected, the repair of the restoration is quite possible and can save the patient thousands of dollars and the need for an additional treatment appointment.
In modern dentistry, the dental material companies have created “porcelain repair kits” that specifically involve the use of etchants and bonding agents for the addition of resin composite to the fractured area.
Some of the kits are useless and do not acheive what the patient needs as far as cosmetic matching and strength. Nevertheless, there are a few that can be used effectively for this purpose and be a lifesaver to the patient.
According to Dr. Gordan Christensen : 
The use of these kits seems logical: Roughen the underlying metal substructure, place some metal adhesive on the surface, place the appropriate color of tooth-colored resin on the surface, cure it, and finish it. The result usually looks good, but stains soon become evident at the junction of the resin repair and the porcelain. In some cases, the resin repair “falls off” within a few months. This is due to the combination of materials and the differences in coefficient of expansion/contraction of the remaining porcelain and resin restorative material.
I use the porcelain-repair concept only for temporary repairs of fractured tooth-colored crowns, and I advise patients that the repairs are temporary. There are many kits available for these repairs. One that has had good reports from Clinical Research Associates evaluators is the Ultradent Products Porcelain Repair Kit — Ultradent Products, Inc., (800) 552-5512.
There are longer-lasting repairs, but they are more complex and cost the patient more money. I suggest using the technique described in the following question for long-term repair of restorations.
Thorne Family Dentistry will provide the patient the service of porcelain repair, even if long term replacement is indicated. We understand every patient’s current financial situation is different therefore, the repair can give the patient the cosmetic smile back and save money in time of need.

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