Stop Dental Anxiety !

Currently there are many ways we can prevent any anxiety in the dental office setting. 

Listing ways we achieve this:
1. A good plan of action that leads to no surprises and is agreed upon by the patient and doctor on what we want to accomplish.
2. Sequence steps to meet the patients needs financially and according to their priorities with eliminating “pain” if there is any first.
3. Treatment in a quiet, dim room; including a warm blanket, neck pillow, nitrous oxide, etc….
4. One step further is Dr. Thorne is trained in oral sedation, therefore is able to sedate patients by the use of medication along with nitrous oxide.
These methods have been used now for years at Thorne Family Dentistry to much success. The availability for an advance IV sedation is also an option for those patients that are extremely anxious. 
We love what we do and want to treat patients the way we would wan to be treated and that means eliminating fear!