Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride remains one of the most useful methods of preventing tooth decay and strengthening teeth, especially in children. Fluoride can help repair microscopic damage to tooth enamel, and fluoride treatments present no health dangers.

Although both the North Richland Hills and Colleyville water systems add fluoride to tap water, some kids will still not receive enough fluoride to promote strong teeth. This is where professional fluoride treatments come in.

Dr. Thorne has access to concentrated fluoride solutions for professional use. He applies this fluoride as a varnish in a painless and brief procedure. Although the treatment may seem simple, its benefits are enormous.

Once your kids have their permanent teeth, they can never have natural replacements. Help protect your children’s oral health with pain-free, effective professional fluoride treatments. Call (817) 503-8000 to schedule today.

What Our Patient Says

"I absolutely love Thorne Family Dentistry! From the office staff, hygienists, to Dr. Thorne himself, they have gone above and beyond to make me feel welcome and at home. If anyone is looking for a new dentist, or looking to feel appreciated - I highly recommend this place!!!

Everyone is so kind and ALWAYS has a smile. They actually try to build relationships and get to know you. Can't say enough good things!!"
- Shelby