Teeth Whitening

Are you frustrated by tooth whitening products that produce lackluster results? You should consider going with professional treatment like that offered by Dr. Thorne at Thorne Family Dentistry. Dr. Thorne has helped many patients in the Keller and North Richland Hills areas with effective tooth whitening treatments that create noticeable results.

Life is what stains our teeth. Food, drinks, even some medications can all darken your teeth over time, negatively impacting your smile and making you appear older than you are. Powerful teeth whitening treatments, usually only available from your dentist, are the answer.

The treatments provided by Dr. Matt Thorne will lighten your teeth significantly and help you obtain the smile you want. Dr. Thorne has undergone extensive training in cosmetic dentistry and wants to help you reach your aesthetic goals. Give him a call at (817) 503-8000 today.

What Our Patient Says

"I absolutely love Thorne Family Dentistry! From the office staff, hygienists, to Dr. Thorne himself, they have gone above and beyond to make me feel welcome and at home. If anyone is looking for a new dentist, or looking to feel appreciated - I highly recommend this place!!!

Everyone is so kind and ALWAYS has a smile. They actually try to build relationships and get to know you. Can't say enough good things!!"
- Shelby